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動く!ガーフィールド 2



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Mini Marilyn

Add some dazzle and glamour to your messages with Mini Marilyn.


These portly piggies are full of personality. Let them express your inner swine, deliver a cuter conversation, and make a fat impression!

Stupid Face

This is stupid , no really that's his name and he sure makes lots of good stupid faces for you to use.

Pinko the Bear boy

Pinko doesn't know he's a boy, he was raised by bears. Also his one eye got clawed out by a bear.

Almost Naked Animals

Welcome to the Banana Cabana, home to mayhem, destruction and all around fun!

Chico Chihuahua

Chico is vibrant, happy, loves making new friends, and thinks he is the coolest, sexiest chihuahua on earth!

Xombie Grrls

Cute and Creepy , the Xombie Grrls march to their own unique beat. They each have pets and like the bizarre.

Smiley World

Replacing words with emoticons, the Smiley has become a universal language. Become part of our Smileyworld and start sharing our icons today!


The personalities of the Phizzogs reflect attitude and swagger, whether you are a maniac, weirdo or rockstar!


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  2015/01/24    スタンプ ,


ガーフィールド アニメーションスタンプ


Gata-Go & Friends

Gata-Go is a Croc that can travel into other dimensions helping others, join him and his silly friends!

SkullGnome the Cute Grim Reaper

Meet SkullGnome, he's the World's tiniest & cutest grim reaper! When he's not busy zombie watching he lives like everyone else.